Therapy Session






"Sacred" Friday

           Holy, Holy, Holy               O Come let us Adore Him             Wonderful Counselor      

    Prince of Peace         Let us Magnify the Lord              Everlasting Father         Mighty God 

             Immanuel               Savior              Messiah             The Lord Almighty


                                                           King of Kings and Lord of Lords


      Reformers take your place and influence your communities - changing the secular mindset in this season that the enemy has claimed for years and we the Church have stayed silent - our silence is deafening to the Kingdom of God. 


     Come and re-present the Christ in us to our city in worship and adoration of the greatest GIFT the world has ever received. We are called to be set apart from the ways of this world. Stand for righteousness and holiness as a beacon of light overtaking the darkness of Black Friday and bring reformation.  Let us gather together in the name of Jesus, we are taking back the territory for His kingdom. Come be a part of a global movement, on the day known as “Black Friday.” We will gather together to worship, reclaiming the name for Christ as Sacred Friday!


"Sacred" Friday

Date: 11/26/21

Time: 7:00 AM


    The Avenue West

        208 West Long Avenue

      DuBois, PA 15801


7:00AM is a sacrifice unto the Lord.

As the world wakes up to Black Friday’s obsession devoted to consumerism,

let us arise at 7AM devoted to adoration for our Savior.


      “Preparation for the Event

We encourage you to view the video:

               ‘HE IS’   by Eric Ludy  

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to a name of God that has stirred your heart to know Him anew. 

                                  Instruction:  Write the name on a sheet of paper (8 ½ by 11) 

                                                                             Be Creative!!!!!!!!

              Share what the name means to you and how it has enlarged your heart towards Him.                            

                       We are travailing for God's Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. 

                                                 Time To Call Heaven to earth.!!!!!!!


The True Meaning of Christmas


Date:  12/17/21

Time:   6:30 PM

Place:  DuBois City Park


Worship includes:       Lighting of the Advent Wreath


                                      Poem:  Are You Ready?????

                                      O Holy Night

                                              and more!!!


Please bring a candle -  Be a light in the darkness


Commission:      Song:   Go Light your world

                         Keep the Fire of Revival Burning.


Request:     Bring a gift to place at the manager.  

Example:  I will lay down my phone and read the Word Daily, I will give you my ‘whole’ heart.

I will love my neighbor as myself,  I will share the message of the cross to a stranger daily, etc.