Say “Yes, Lord!”

We now call forth laborers into the harvest. We cry out to Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest:

Send laborers!!! Awaken the church to this glorious partnership You have offered us.”

Do you hear the Lord of the Harvest calling you as He prepares to send forth laborers? Are you committed to faith and humble obedience?

See if you recognize any of these reasons why you don’t obey.

Which ones resonate with you personally?

  • Fear

  • Pride

  • Laziness

  • Stubbornness

  • Peer pressure

  • Lack of trust in God

  • Uncertainty as to how to begin

  • Being too comfortable where you are

  • Impatience with God’s timing

  • Feeling unworthy to be used by God

  • Being too busy with personal ambitions

  • Concern that you might be hearing Him wrong

  • Disappointment in God because of previous experiences

  • Doubt that obedience will lead to a desirable result.

A defining characteristic of Jesus’ life was that He was always postured to obey the Father.  As a man, He was steeped in humility, available and willing to do the Father’s will over His own.         


Surrender is the key. We have to put our will down and accept God’s will. God’s best is on the other side of obedience; our destiny is on the other side of obedience. Great victory is on the other side of surrender and obedience. Ask God to search your heart. 

Ask Him to reveal any hardened places that may be blocking you from yielding to His will. Ask God to soften your heart to become vigilant in laying down your own ambitions, and elevating His will above your own.

We have a key choice to make.  Are we going to orient ourselves toward a posture of obedience?  Are we going to make the choice to say “Yes, Lord?”  


You’re making a “key” decision here, crucial

to being able to experience what walking

confidently in  His will is all about.

Will you accept the key of obedience?

Will you take it and use it and take action?

Obedience is the key that unlocks all of the blessings

God intends for us.  May our “Yes, Lord!” be a prayer

of surrender, obedience, faith, gratitude, humility, and trust.

Say “yes Lord” because you trust what He is asking you to do

is for your good, for God’s glory and for the furtherance of His Kingdom.     


Reference: Shirer, P. (2021). Discerning the Voice of God:  How to Recognize When God Speaks. Adult Ministry Publishing, Lifeway Resources.

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