The Clarion Call



LORD of heaven and earth,creator, maker, defender, redeemer and friend. You are merciful, beautiful, faithful and true.

I rejoice and thank You for the testimony of Rev. Charlene, the story of the power of God and a heartfelt witness to God’s love and redemption. Send this message forth to save lost souls. Raise up those who are READY to encounter Jesus Christ. That they would have faith and courage to overcome all fears, doubts and obstacles to reach the great reward of experiencing Jesus Christ, our Mighty Savior. To become a new creation in Christ.

Raise up those who will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony, those who will not love their lives so much to shrink back from death. But will take up the call of Christ, to die to self. To say, I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live but Christ who live within me.

For the redeemed, spark renewal, revival, readiness and boldness to witness to the goodness of God through our testimony each day. Father, I ask that we would share the Gospel, the story of our rescue with enthusiasm, intention, and urgency.

Give us courage, wisdom, and readiness to act in obedience to each opportunity.

I ask that this story will remain with each listener and fill them to overflowing.

Overflowing with hope,

overflowing with peace,

overflowing with Jesus.

For our city, DuBois and surrounding areas and each place this message reaches, Lord bring Your Salvation, bring Your Power, bring Your Kingdom, the Kingdom of God, and bring the Authority in Christ, Your Anointed One, to reign and rule in Honor and Glory.

Bring Revival, Bring Conviction, Bring Repentance, Bring Humility, Bring Holiness

May Thy Will Be Done.

Let faith rise up, Bring Great celebration and rejoicing.

Make READY the Way.

LORD of the Harvest, I pray that you would send out your laborers into the plentiful harvest.

In Jesus’s Name Amen.