Will You Be Ready

Let’s pray-

Father God, You are our redeemer, restorer, healer, and deliverer. Thank you for providing your people deliverance from sin and spiritual death through repentance and faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Father God, I thank you for Ken’s testimony about how You pursued him, wooed him, called to him, and allowed circumstances into his life, designed to make him look up and find You.  Thank you for giving Ken the faithfulness to persevere and pray without ceasing for revival to come to his community-Ridgway, to our community-DuBois and to the surrounding communities. 

Father God, those who have ears to hear have heard Your call to revival and the time is here! Reveal to us Your holiness and give us a holy fear of You. Bring conviction of sin and genuine, deep heart-felt repentance among your people.  Thank you for bringing us the Lord of the Harvest Revival. Father, our hearts cry with Yours, that the lost will be saved, the prodigals will come home; lives will be transformed and miracles, signs, and wonders will be experienced in Jesus name.

I pray for conviction, for deep cleansing, for genuine repentance and Holy Spirit power to consume pastors and Christian leaders in our community. Breathe life into dry bones! Ignite pastors, leaders and lay people of your church with fresh fire; saturate us with Your presence and with Your mighty power.

Father God, bring loving unity in our churches and deep harmony between our churches.  Fill Your people with love for their city and passion to see people saved.

Father, open the hearts of all who hear Ken’s testimony and Rev. Charlene’s powerful words and fill them with the desire to look up, see You, find Your son, Jesus and be the one who joins the ninety nine who were accounted for.

We give You all the glory, In Jesus name Amen.