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Steward the Rain

During the past few days, we’ve been looking at a dream Holy Spirit gave my friend, Greg Hood. The dream is about revivals of the past, represented in the dream by oil wells. The wells were no longer pumping or producing, having been neglected and abandoned. They were called “orphaned wells,” a term used in the industry to describe abandoned oil wells. God‘s purpose throughout the dream is to reveal His desire to rejuvenate wells of revival and release their fruit once again. The first one represented prayer, the second a fresh baptism of fire to spiritual leaders, and the third a great missions movement and a worldwide harvest. If you’ve not done so already, I encourage you to read or watch the three previous posts. Today we will look at the fourth and final part of the dream.


We were not allowed to stand around and watch. Gabriel said, “To the next well!”

We quickly moved to the next well. It seemed to be a ways from us. As we made our way there we could see trickles of water beginning to drip from different parts of the well. This time Dutch did not use his handkerchief to clean it; he used his hand. As he wiped away some muddy water seeping from the well and running over the engraved plate he said, “This water is hot; it’s the Cane Ridge Well. The plate reads, ‘Be ready, this well erupts often! It’s on a timer!’”

Gabriel said to Dutch, “Speak the timing of the Lord over this well. Speak it now! The time is NOW!” (The rumbling of the Fulton Street Prayer Well was getting louder by the second. It was so intense we could feel the ground shaking!) Dutch took a step forward, climbed the well, and from its top began declaring, “THIS IS THE TIMING OF THE LORD! THIS IS THE GREAT RELEASE OF HIS PROMISED OUTPOURING! AMERICA, RECEIVE YOUR GIFT! AMERICA, SHIFT! AMERICA, AWAKEN FROM YOUR SLEEP, FOR NOW, YOUR SALVATION IS HERE!”



As Dutch declared this from the Cane Ridge Well, it began to swell as it filled with water, ready to burst into a geyser. Dutch jumped from the Cane Ridge Well and as soon as his feet hit the ground the Fulton Street Well erupted, shaking the earth so much that it caused the Cane Ridge Well to erupt, sending its water high in the air. The erupting water from these two wells began coming together to the point that we could not tell which was water from the Fulton Street Well and which was from the Cane Ridge Well. As it shot into the sky the water ignited the clouds over America and fires of awakening began to fall all over the nation.

Gabriel leaned into Dutch and said, “Now, steward the rain!”

The fourth and last well-mentioned in the dream was Cane Ridge. The Cane Ridge Revival occurred in Kentucky in 1801, 20 miles or so east of Lexington. People poured in by the thousands. “One traveler wrote a Baltimore friend that he was on his way to the ‘greatest meeting of its kind ever known’ and that ‘religion has got to such a height here that people attend from a great distance; on this occasion, I doubt not but there will be 10,000 people.’

“He underestimated, but his miscalculation is understandable. Communions (annual three-to-five-day meetings climaxed with the Lord’s Supper) gathered people in the dozens, maybe the hundreds. At this Cane Ridge Communion, though, sometimes 20,000 people swirled about the grounds—watching, praying, preaching, weeping, groaning, falling. Though some stood at the edges and mocked, most left marveling at the wondrous hand of God.

“The Cane Ridge Communion quickly became one of the best-reported events in American history, and according to Vanderbilt’s historian Paul Conkin, “arguably ... the most important religious gathering in all of American history.” It ignited the explosion of evangelical religion, which soon reached into nearly every corner of American life. For decades the prayer of camp meetings and revivals across the land was ‘Lord, make it like Cane Ridge.’”(1)  Cane Ridge paved the way for the Second Great Awakening.

When we arrived at the Cane Ridge Well in the dream, the water was already beginning to seep up and out of it. And it was hot, heated by the fire of God! We were told the eruptions were on a timer and that we were to decree over the well that the time was NOW for another gushing forth.

It is extremely significant that throughout the dream the first well we visited, Fulton Street Well, grew louder and louder. This was the well of intercession. The louder and more intense it became, the more the other wells began to open, also. This prayer well was now literally shaking the ground.

At the direction of the angel, Gabriel, I climbed the well and from its top began declaring. The declaration is so powerful it is worth reading again: “This is the timing of the Lord! This is the great release of His promised outpouring! America, receive your gift! America, shift! America, awaken from your sleep, for now, your salvation is here!”


I believe with all of my being this is true. The great revival we have been crying out for is upon us. It’s time! Speak these words to your region. If you lead a congregation or group, speak them together. Do it over and over!

As we did so in the dream, the pressure underground continued to increase. As I jumped down, the prayer well finally erupted, causing Cane Ridge to also erupt. The sky-high geysers merged into one in the air, then the water from the two geysers ignited the clouds - there’s a picture for ya! - into a holy fire of awakening, which fell on America!

“Now, steward the rain!” Gabriel told us.

We will have much fruit and work of Holy Spirit to steward in the coming years. Revival fire is about to be rained upon us. May the Fulton Street Well of prayer grow louder and louder, Tennent’s Well of fire in the hearts of leaders grow hotter and hotter, the Haystack Well of worldwide harvest release its laborers, and the awakening fire of Cane Ridge and the Second Great Awakening explode into the third.

Pray with me:

Father, we believe You are going to open the well of Cane Ridge and the Second Great Awakening, releasing fire from heaven to rain on the earth. We boldly ask You for this. We want our prayers to shake the earth and cause these wells of revival to burst open. May the power released from our intercession be explosive.

We declare this is the timing of the Lord! This is the great release of His promised outpouring! America, receive your gift! America, shift! America, awaken from your sleep, for now, your salvation is here!

And even now, Father, release wisdom and prepare leaders to steward the rain of revival that is coming. Give us heaven‘s strategy. Give us an understanding of our times. And give us Your heart for all of this. We ask for it all in the name of Yeshua.

Our decree:

The fire of revival is going to rain upon the earth; America - and many nations of the earth - shall receive God’s promised outpouring.

Please pray these words over you, over the region and under the tent of revival