"The voice of mirth(rejoicing) and the voice of gladness,
the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride,
the voices of those who sing,
as they bring thank offerings to the house of the Lord:
"Give thanks to the Lord  of Hosts,
for the Lord is good;
for His steadfast love endures forever...."  

 Jeremiah 33: 11


Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, 
The Lord laid on my heart the cry of His heart regarding "Thanksgiving Day." Today, our culture has made the holiday of Thanksgiving to be a mere pitstop between Halloween and Christmas.  The word "Thanks" has been soo trivialized to the degree that it becomes nothing more than a polite thing to do, like saying, "God Bless you, or "Sorry"  used only to appease or satisfy that which is expected of you to remain in good standing.  However, in God's heart it is who we are created to be  - A (Greek) Eucharistic people - a Thanksgiving people, this term comes from Jesus' giving thanks prior to partaking of the Last Supper - "The Great Thanksgiving."  So what does the Bible say about Thanksgiving and its true meaning?  What does it mean to give Thanks?  Let's begin with the Hebrew: "ydh"  this is the main word for thanks in the Old Testament, the definition: "Acknowledging what is right about God in Praise and Thanksgiving." (I Chr. 16:34)   The Hebrew definition of giving thanks ties itself to who God is and means: to "raise hands to God in gratitude.  To give thanks  involves responding to Him with our whole being.   In the New Testament the word for "Thanks" means to be "thankful for God's grace. The root word in Greek actually has the word "grace" in it.  When you give thanks you are responding to God for His gracemercy, love, compassion, forgiveness, goodness, faithfulness, lovingkindness, and for his miracles among us. (Psalm 107:1, 8, 15, 21).  Thanksgiving is a response to the revelation of God. As God opens your eyes to see Him as He is, your whole being responds to Him with Thanksgiving. When we give thanks, it aligns us with God to receive more, and more of Him and from Him. Things can change in a moment, but when you're filled with thanksgiving, you will stand in the midst of the storms of life, in times of persecution and in the valley of the shadow of death only to come through it filled with praise and thanksgiving. 
Oh, that we would be found with a "
Thankful Heart" this Thanksgiving. 

So lets be INTENTIONAL!!!!!
Community for Unity is calling you to join us by preparing your hearts for Thanksgiving Day using the above Thanks & Giving calendar to meditate and to receive revelation from the Holy Spirit for the next 24 days in the month of November.   Please follow the instructions as stated:  Write down what you have gleaned from the Holy Spirit through the Scripture passages you are assigned to meditate on for each day. 

And then
We have a SURPRISE!!!!
We will be offering you an opportunity to advance God's Kingdom in our City by enlarging the tent pegs carrying revival into the city -  To God be the Glory!
Please join us for a Worship/Sharing/Testimonial filled evening:
Date:   Tuesday, November 9, 2021.
Time:   6:30 pm   
Place:  Trinity Chapel Reception Hall
We are soo excited to share God's plan for our city.